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The method for treatment can be known by carrying out treatability studies. COD/BOD reduction can also be done by Biological methods, provided, pollutant load is not very high and toxic.
Wastewater has pollutants in
1. Suspended form
2. Dissolved form
  • The suspended matter can be removed by established/conventional methods. (PRIMARY TREATMENT)
  • This results in reduction of COD/BOD.
  • The dissolved forms are difficult to remove.
  • They can be removed by converting them to insolubles and removing as sludge or they may be Adsorbed on Floccs formed during coagulation.
  • If dissolved forms are removed at the primary treatment stage, then we have additional COD/BOD reduction as BONUS
  • In this way we can remove, toxic chemicals, oil & grease, from Industrial wastewaters.
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This study may be divided into two parts.

  • 1. PRIMARY: In the primary treatment study, we carry out various experiments, with the aim of removing suspended and dissolved matter, with combination of various chemicals and by varying conditions. In this study we can come to optimum doses of chemicals, and provide valuable inputs for Design of plant
  • 2. SECONDARY : In the secondary treatment, we carry out a Bio-degradation study. The Primary treated waste is inoculated, with bacteria from the milieu (soil&sewage etc). Here we get to know the extent of biological degradation possible, the time needed for degradation, and many other factors needed for Design.
if we find that routine procedures are not working we go development of special cultures, based on techniques of isolation and adaptation.