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Chemical treatment what for?

  • Approximately 25-30% (at times much more depending on type of waste), COD/BOD can be destroyed at the primary treatment stage, thereby reducing the load on the bioreactor.
  • Wastewater can be completely decolorized.
  • Refractory organics can be removed making it more amenable to biodegradation

Think about government regulations and cost minimization going hand in hand. Sounds impossible! No, if one thinks the other way. Although chemical treatment has been widely used, proper attention has not been paid, to the aspect of Treatability studies to find out facts. This study should be done before designing the plant.

How does the treatment work?

  • Wastewater contains dissolved and colloidal impurities with ionisable functional groups. These groups are known to form insoluble complexes with other ions, and can be removed from the wastewater.
  • This possibility can be verified by carrying out treatability studies.

Why do I need treatability study? What is the cost & if one does it can the expenditure be justified?

  • Design of plant can be based on facts.
  • Trouble caused due to under design can be avoided.
  • Different routes can be tried and best route selected.
  • Extra costs incurred due to over design can be saved.
  • Generally 20-30 lacs are spent to build ETP. About 1% will be cost of treatability depending on type of waste. You save 99% that would otherwise be spend based on wrong estimates.

My plant has been built. Do I still need treatability study?

  • Yes, if the plant is not giving the desired results.
  • Yes, a better, cheaper , more environmentally friendly route may be found out.

What are basic parameters one need to carry out treatability?

It depends on the nature of the wastewater. Generally speaking the one with

  • high COD.
  • High concentration of colloidal and suspended matter.
  • Certain dissolved matter that cannot be otherwise removed.

What do you need from us such as process data, equipments?

Yes. Besides following factors shall help

  • pH
  • contact time
  • process chemistry
  • existing set up can be used or a bench scale model may be supplied.

Biological Treatment
Are Specialised Culture Always Needed?

  • No- They may not be needed always, because the environment contains microorganisms, which are the oldest inhabitants on the Earth and they are very versatile.
  • In the case of difficult –to- treat wastewaters, containing toxics or which may degrade through rare degradative pathways, we may need, to specialize or isolate and grow such bacteria. You can use our expertise in this.

Tell us more about these microbes & the role they play?

Their task is manifold such as

  • Reduce BOD / COD and convert organics to simpler molecules which get easily assimilated in nature
  • remove C, N, P, S from waste water, which otherwise trigger hazardous algal growth in natural water bodies where this waste is finally disposed of.
  • remove Fats, Oils and Grease
  • remove hazardous wastes
  • remove or recover heavy metals