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M/s. Envirotreat Enterprises are engaged in the field of waste water treatment & reuse.
Our cost effective solutions, designed specifically for individual clients after studying their requirements, are based on our rich experience from Multinational Companies spanning almost three decades.

The consultancy is headed by Thomas Chacko, with vast experience in Industrial Wastewater Treatment, reuse & recycle.

Right from the beginning our philosophy is look at Industrial waste water treatment as not only as a statutory measure but a profitable way to reduce losses of raw material & product at source, recover the inevitable fraction that goes in waste & make treated waste water cleaner to an extent one can safely reuse it.

Nearly every company has an Effluent Treatment Plant and every individual concerned about the state of our environment does his or her best to achieve this goal. This requires corporate will, stead fast support of higher ups & of course its share of capital spending.

If you appreciate or are concerned to preserve Mother Nature we would be pleased to work with you.

  • Re-examining the established methods of treatment with a View to Improve Efficiency at an Acceptable cost. (E.g. Primary Treatment & Secondary Treatment).
  • Continuous Effort to check on Cost Effectiveness.
  • Trying to improve the performance within the existing Set-Up.
  • Extending our expertise to whole spectrum of industries such as Organo Chemical , Pesticide industry, Heavy metal, Plating industry, Mining, Quarrying and Rubber industry to name a few.